International day of the street child

12th of April 2019 - International day of the street child

Today is International Day for Street Children.. 💙

We daily give thanks for our children and young people loved and supported through generous donations and sponsors but today we recognise the many who are still in desperate need and who we have been too late to save from the harsh reality of the street..

Through-out the world hundreds of thousands of children and young people leave their homes for a number of reasons from ill health to abject poverty, or are simply abandoned by adults who are barely able to look after themselves let alone hungry children who may be too disadvantaged to help seek out an existence on the land. Many, too, have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS or have fled domestic violence. These street children are amongst the most disadvantaged in the world and are not only open to financial exploitation, but sexual abuse, kidnap and even death. In some countries they are rounded up and put in prison, charged with not having an adult to provide care for them. In other places they are trafficked and taken across borders to work in domestic servitude or as labourers on the land. All without papers. All without rights. UNICEF currently believes the number of street children across the world runs into tens of millions..😩

Let today be the day you spare a thought for, pray for or even consider donating for a child living on the street..

We will not give up hope, one day this will not be a reality..