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We are a UK registered charity established in June 2017. Our love for the people of Tanzania began in 2013 followed by yearly return trips to the busy city of Arusha working with different charities, local projects and exploring the greatest needs.

In 2016 after being introduced to a whole new world of secret children who are rounded up and chased from the streets by the local authorities, we soon discovered a great need. It is estimated that there are over 400,000 street children in Tanzania alone.

These children are extremely vulnerable, many do whatever they can to survive; often turning to begging or petty crime in order to feed themselves. We aim to provide for and rehabilitate these children and young people through support, education and training to give them the skills and security they need to achieve immediate and lasting changes in their lives.

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' I believe that how we sit with the broken speaks louder than how we stand with the great.. Living a life worthy of the calling I have received through Hope and Soul and its generous supporters, we can ensure these children are given the opportunity at life they deserve. '

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The children and young people we support are often more appropriately recognised as 'street connected' this term describes the broad range of situations these children are in. Some live permanently on the street, some have a home but work on the street, some maintain relationships with family while others break all contact and some that are currently off the street could be easily drawn back.

Whether you choose to set up a monthly sponsorship or give a one off donation we are able to give you regular updates on exactly where your money is going and show you the life changing impact it is having.

We continue to meet more and more children that need our help in different ways. By sponsoring a child you will completely change a life. Sponsorship not only provides the practical tools for these children but the hope of a better future.

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