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In 2022 it was estimated that still 44% of families in Tanzania were living in extreme poverty (UNICEF), we witness families and children in uttermost need on a daily basis within our encompassing area of provision in Arusha district alone. 

Our work started with a strong focus on supporting street children and has developed into holistic family support with a recognition of prevention over treatment outcomes. To holistically support a loving family unit, ultimately avoid children ever having to reach the harsh streets or be placed into an orphanage facility due to poverty, is something we strive for.

Hope and Soul equally recognises and supports a number of children and young people who are unable to remain in an unsafe home environment and advocates and provides for their equal opportunities, hoping to break the cycle of generational poverty and trauma.

In Tanzania deprivation and poverty rates are highest among children 5-13 and 14-17 years of age (UNICEF) and as a charity we have a strong focus on children obtaining quality education. In reality  we are providing the tools and resources for children and young people from all backgrounds to focus on their education and building a brighter future.

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' I believe that how we sit with the broken speaks louder than how we stand with the great.. Through Hope and Soul and the generosity of our supporters, we can ensure the most vulnerable children and their families in Tanzania are given the opportunity at a life they deserve. '

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Registered for charitable purposes both in the UK and Tanzania as a small but growing charity you can be sure that your donation and sponsorship goes directly to the children and families where it is needed most.

Whether you choose to set up a monthly sponsorship or give a one off donation we are able to give you regular updates on exactly where your money is going and show you the life changing impact it is having.

We continue to meet more and more children that need our help in different ways. By sponsoring a child you will completely change a life. Sponsorship not only provides the practical tools for these children but the hope of a better future.

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