About Us

Hope and Soul stands firm in three beliefs..

Children belong in families, Every child matters and All children deserve equal opportunities.

Who we are..

We are a UK registered charity established in June 2017. Additionally we are registered as an International NGO in Tanzania.

Hope and Soul stands firm in three beliefs - Children belong in families, Every child matters and All children deserve equal opportunities.

Based on these three beliefs we run three main support projects in Arusha Tanzania:

Children Belong in Families : Family support Project

Family support is our biggest project which now provides for over one hundred children and their families. Hope and Soul assess each family on an individual basis and provides the most basic needs including food, housing and medical care. The children in these families are supported in education either through government schooling, private schooling or daycare facilities. We believe that by supporting the child in education they will be enabled for later life to break the cycle of poverty that their families find themselves trapped in for generations.

When possible Hope and Soul also provides small business start ups for single parents and carers, this is the next step in securing a sustainable future. We continually strive to promote independence and provide counselling services alongside supporting basic business skills to equip those leading families to do so when the time is right independently away from Hope and Soul.

Every child matters : Street children education Project

Hope and Soul worked very closely with a large number of street children and youth between 2017 and 2020. The rehabilitate children and young people who have spent a prolonged time within street culture is challenging. Now through our family support project we focus on families that have young children who are likely to be at risk of street associated living and intervene at an early age as this has been evident in producing better outcomes. 

However we continue as a charity to remain loyal to the young people who have successfully fought for their new life and have run with the opportunity given to them by Hope and Soul. This hard work has not been in vain as we have watched many boys finish education milestones, recover from addiction, achieve higher education certification and start small businesses.

All children deserve equal opportunities : Orphanage support Project

When Hope first travelled to Tanzania in 2013 she volunteered with Women's Christian Orphanage which at the time did not even have a complete wall around the building to provide the needed security. Now fast forward to 2022 and the orphanage is a huge part of Hope and Soul and we are so proud to say that every child is sponsored and thriving. The aim for this project is to give every child living inside an equal opportunity at higher education and life outside of the orphanage. Also to ensure that they get just as much love and life experiences as those in families.

If you would like to know more about any of our work or would like to donate head over to our 'Sponsor and Donate' page. If you would like to visit Tanzania to see our projects for yourself then please contact us and we can help you arrange a visit to the beautiful country of Tanzania.

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