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Find out how to become a sponsor and how you can donate to support Hope and Soul

Sponsorship and donations to hope and soul

As a UK registered charity: 1173832 we can safely and securely accept donations that are also tax deductible through our GiftAid declaration.

We do not have any big regular administration costs and therefore you can be sure that your money is going directly to the project you have chosen to support.

Currently we are able to accept one off donations through our website and set up a monthly donation through PayPal. Upon request we can easily provide you with instructions for setting up a monthly direct debit through your bank.

We'll use your money to give children and young people in Tanzania the lift they need to work their own way out of poverty.

Monthly Support

£25 per month
Thank you so much for committing to support us on a monthly basis. 

One off Donation

Thank you so much for your donation, We'll use your money to give children and young people in Tanzania the lift they need to work their own way out of poverty.


Street children education Project

Hope and Soul worked very closely with a large number of street children and youth between 2017 and 2020. Now with only three boys remaining in this program as of 2022 we have decided to focus more on our Family support project. We still need help for the three boys remaining currently in Secondary education and are proud of how far they have come. Supporting children away from life on the streets of Arusha is hard as they are often held back by addiction, a history of abuse and a conditioned life out of routine. This hard work has not been in vain as we have watched many boys finish education milestones, recover from addiction, achieve higher education certification and start small businesses.

If you donate to this project supporting our belief that every child matters you will be supporting the ongoing support for our three boys remaining in full time secondary education and their families.



Orphanage support Project

In Africa there are more than 2,900 children newly orphaned every single day. Thats nearly 3,000 children most of which will find themselves placed into a traditional care facility- an orphanage. The social and economic strain of these facilities is huge BUT a straight forward solution with immediate effects is for those that can to support facilities that are already running effectively.

Thats what we as a charity do for Women’s Christian Orphanage. We determine the needs of the facility through communication and observation of the children and manager and we provide necessary needs whether thats structural, healthcare, food and clothing provision, facilities and just generally lots of love.

When Hope first travelled to Tanzania in 2013 she volunteered with Women's Christian Orphanage which at the time did not even have a complete wall around the building to provide the needed security. Now fast forward to 2022 and the orphanage is a huge part of Hope and Soul and we are so proud to say that every child is sponsored and thriving. The ongoing aim for this project is to give every child living inside an equal opportunity at higher education and life outside of the orphanage. Also to ensure that they get just as much love and life experiences as those in families.



Family support Project

Family support is our biggest project with over twenty families as of the start of 2022 being sponsored and provided with foundations for a healthier and brighter future.

Hope and Soul assess each family on an individual basis and provides the most basic needs including food, housing and medical care. The children in these families are supported in education either through government schooling, private schooling or daycare facilities. We believe that by supporting the child in education they will be enabled for later life to break the cycle of poverty that their family unit is in.

When possible Hope and Soul also provides small business start ups for single mothers.

We have big dreams for the next step of this project, we are still trying to articulate what that will look like but by donating to this part of our work you are supporting the future generation of Tanzania.